British capital, in spite of widespread over-the-counter alarms about its “economic” health, continues to grow above all from an infrastructure and structural point of view.

The latter, in the residential real estate sector, is experiencing rapid and profitable growth.

However, for the first time since 2008, a “medium-tier stabilization” in residential property prices has been under way (since 2008, the year of the country’s recent economic downturn, they have always grown on average).

To give an idea to those who read, the order of magnitude of the real estate increase in London, I provide a real figure:

From 1996 to 2016 the average value of a capital property grew by 516%.

In fact, despite this “stop” of growth, world-renowned realtors continue to invest in a city that offers great economic and architectural opportunities.

An excellent example can be seen at Greenwich Peninsula, where one of the most important companies in the People’s Republic of China has rebuilt an entire quarter on the Thames and a step away from City.

An example of urban design before architectural design, which will see a new Metro station being built by the architect and engineer Calatrava.

I have been able to work as a structural consultant for shipyard operations aimed at installing the Cortina “Curtain wall” panels, enjoying in-site and organization of “global” construction site.

I recommend to everyone the “vision”.


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